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3 definitions by Momma Mia

something so surprising u cant explain...can also be used in a sarcastic way...or easily or quickly shocked
oh my fucking gosh!!woa...r u serious? woa woa woa woa woa
by momma mia December 22, 2003
14 17
Back in the Sailing days of Columbus..the men would get "lonely" So when they hit the beach they would collect worms in a jar..when back on the high seas and the URGE hit them they would insert the penis into the jar of worms, which would feel similar to their lady back home, and also would be FEEDING the worms at the same time!
Well Lady Victoria is not around, I better retire to my cabin for some BAIT N TACKLE!!
by Momma Mia March 21, 2004
17 21
Another word for "dump" or "poop".
I have to take a hairy GRIMP..you may want to use air freshner when I'm done.
by Momma Mia June 03, 2004
13 49