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A pop singer from Canada who everyone tries to hate on, but is wasting their time; they try to say she's just as pop as Britney Spears, except this shows that this people that supposedly call her a 'poser' and run around saying they love Green Day and PANIC! at the Disco don't know shit about music and need to learn the difference between Techno-pop and rock-pop. If anything she is comparable to Fall Out Boy for being a singer from the middle of nowhere who everyone liked when she first came out, and then tried to hate her around the time of her sophemore album, or how they both play shitty live shows but manage to come up with really catchy tunes, even if they are really stupid and/or annoying after a while.
Ew, I hate Avril Lavigne... she's such a poser her she's EXACTLY like Britney-fuckin-Spears, b/c "Complicated" and "Hit me Baby One more Time" are exactly alike! And her live shows suck and her music is so annoyingly catchy! Whoever made her famous really needs to go- HEY! Let's listen to my new Fall Out Boy CD!
by Mollie8391 May 06, 2007

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