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61 definitions by Moggraider

A "pity yes" is the expression of half-hearted consent a woman gives to a man's request for a date. It's a "yes" to a request for a date, but not one with enthusiasm. A man can evoke a pity yes with the look on his face, or by asking a woman out in a novel way.
Ack! You can't ask someone out over IM! You always have to ask out someone at least via phone. You're much more likely to get a pity yes. Then, if you make a good impression, you turn that into a real yes!

If you're nervous, ask over the phone. You can call for the explicit purpose of asking out. In person, it's hard to find time to mention it. It's awkward to manufacture an encounter just to do it. And it has to be at the end; you can't get shot down and continue that conversation.
by Moggraider July 01, 2009
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An alternate name for the walk of shame, wherein an undergrad youth slinks home from the residence of a member of the opposite sex after a night out partying. Especially applicable to males after a first successful venture.
"I don't think the name 'walk of shame' is appropriate for me. Frankly, I'd prefer to call it a path of pride."
by Moggraider February 12, 2010
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To be screwed out of arriving somewhere on time by inclement weather. Applies especially to planes.
Ackpth! I'm weatherfucked! I'll miss my connecting flight.
by Moggraider October 16, 2009
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An abbreviation for "Not safe for other people's work."
I disagree that a photo of a woman's back with a knife in her neck is NSFW.

I think it's at best NSFOPW.
by Moggraider February 03, 2010
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Super Dimension Fortress, the classification of the ship from the seminal, famous 1980s Japanese anime "Macross." In America, in the anime's "Robotech" adaptation, the acronym was changed to "Super Dimensional Fortress," and the Macross was referred to as "The SDF" frequently.
The bridge of the SDF is staffed by the captain and his team.
by Moggraider January 16, 2008
57 47
The transition for someone from being your real, in-person friend to just another voiceless, distant entry on your facebook feed. Can be caused by graduation, moving away, a new job, etc.
"I am really enjoying sleeping with you, and not looking forward to our inevitable facebook fade."
by Moggraider January 25, 2014
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v., intransitive. to go apeshit, to fly off the handle, to overreact

derived from the iPhone's autocorrect suggestion for "apeshit."
Why did you tell her I said that? She went sprague!
by Moggraider April 18, 2011
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