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2 definitions by Moggggggz

A skull that is long and thin, whereby the side to side length is less than 75% of the front to back length (dolichocephalic or "long-headed"). Most blacks have long and thin heads, thus are sometimes called peanut heads. This condition is not a deformity, but merely an environmental adaptation made in order to dissipate heat.
That man got a peanut head on him
by Moggggggz August 31, 2006
A racial group of people whose ancestors are from Europe, West Asia, and North Africa. Skin color varies, but facial features include:

Long and thin nose
Prominent chin
Flat facial profile (orthognathism)
Bulbous forehead
Weak, retracted cheekbones
Deep set eyes (as opposed to the wide set eyes of black people)
Generous amounts of body hair (and face)
Thin and sometimes curly hair, varying in color from platinum blonde to dark black
Small, thin lips

Many ethnic groups belong to Caucasians, including but not limited to:

Whites (Europeans)
Caucasics (restricted to the Caucasus area around Georgia and Armenia)
Some Indians

Spaniards, Germans, Irish, Palestinians, Algerians, Moroccans, Norwegians, Swedes, Iraqis, Iranians, Englishmen, etc. are all Caucasian people. Not all are white, however.
Caucasian women are very attractive.
by Moggggggz August 31, 2006