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Ownage is when you are playing Halo 2 or Halo 3 and you are completely dominating your opponent(Examples of this would be consisent tea-bagging on your foes) However, Ownage should be used very sparcely, because ownage is a privalage, not a game that you have won only by 5 kills. I own all the time in Halo 3, and afterwards me and my friends say this......
MoeJoe The King="Oh we just owned those guys 25 to 2!!"
Pepsi Classic says, "Oh yes the ownage was supreme!!"
Together we chant, "ownage, ownage, ownage, ownage,"

This is all said while our opponents listen in agony because of their shameful skills.
by MoeJoe The King November 23, 2007

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