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(Verb) Having sex with your good friend's mom, because they absolutely insisted you do it.
Friend: If you don't go in that room and nurskee, than the world will cease to exist!

You: Really? Well, if it is to save the world, It must be done. Now if you will excuse me, I am gonna go nurskee like a champ!
by Modest Maniac October 05, 2011
When you have a quarterback who is really popular with fans and people think he is a winner, but in reality he is nothing special and should be the back-up. He is allowed to play so that the fans will shut up about how they know none of their players by name, and to make games a lot more lopsided so they get a better pick in the draft and can actually draft a good quarterback.
Football Fan #1: "I am so glad they let Tim Tebow start now!"

Football Fan #2: "Enjoy it while it lasts."

Football Fan #1: "What's that suppose to mean?"

Football Fan #2: He is just a Tebow Placebo. This time next year, he will be old news, sitting on the bench yet again"
by Modest Maniac October 29, 2011
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