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referring namely to you, et al.
"F*ck you and the horse you rode in on!"
by MoJo Mojokowski July 19, 2005
No matter how hard you try to improve certain things, its basic nature remains the same.
"That car fanatic has been spending thousands of dollars on that '58 Edsel...its just a gold plated turd!"
by MoJo Mojokowski July 19, 2005
Gangster for, "Hello, Darling."
Yo, Bitch...would you mind getting me another beer???
by MoJo Mojokowski July 19, 2005
cheering oneself up by going under the grandstands at a big event and looking up.
Seymour Butts, under the grandstand and feeling low, looked up and was seeing bottoms.
by MoJo Mojokowski July 22, 2005
computer geek who also plays in the school orchestra
"My ipod isn't working...let's go have lunch with that orch dork."
by MoJo Mojokowski July 19, 2005

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