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teh MR2 is mad tight, yo, regardless of whick MK be up in your grill. MKI=flyweight pimp style PLAYER, will cut inside you wit a QUICKNESS, bro. You be like "what was dat doorstop lookin' go cart dat just PWNED me?" but 4 you figur it out that MKI be like two turns ahead.

MKII be da fatass cruiser, yo, all big and heavy but madd quick cause it got TURBO. That be the spinny thing in yo muffler that whistles like "woo woo" and gives you ride the boost. Got Boost? Fo shizzle. Plus, it's smooth like exlax, and the booty just drop da thongs when they see you roll up in the USCC 2004 champ, biatch.

teh MKIII be4 leet stylin' auto-x, who know that it you gotz too much junk in the trunk, you might as well be sittin' on the sidelines. Check it, Toyota be all like "back to the basics" and cut the fat, keep the stick, and this be the best handlin' mk of dem all, fo sho. Plus, the top drops faster than a honey on X, if you dig my rap.

So, don't be a hater, just flo with the MK that straightens yo jimmy, be it the mad tight go-kart, the heavy rollah wit da boost, or dah pimpin' topless ride.

Keep your bling blingin' and PEACE.
dat MR2 is mad tight, yo. Got NAWZ?
by Mk1-2-3 luv feelah November 20, 2004

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