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Something that can give you the feeling of pure happiness and an unexplainable feeling for someone. Love is also something that can rip your heart out and shatter it into a million little pieces.

WARNING: Love is dangerous and someone always ends up getting hurt. Usually the other person will step on and painfully reject your heart for another person. This continues on in a vicious cycle; falling in love, in love, dating, the break up, after the break up, deep depression, then falling in love again, ect. Be careful; you will get hurt when you are in love, but it's something you can't stop.
The cycle of love:
Falling in love: You see said person, your heart stops, and you get an unexplainable feeling in your gut, usually butterflies in your stomach.
In love: Everytime you see that person, your heart beats fast and you want to be with that person and never let them go.
Dating: Finally, you two are going out and you feel happiness, and a feeling that you hope will never stop. You think about this person constantly. This feeling cannot be explained with words.
The break up: He/she finds another person. They break up with you, not really caring about your feelings. Your heart sinks to hell and you feel nothing. Usually, there is shock.
Deep depression: You feel never ending sadness, pain, and hate towards the person. You hate the person so much, but you still love them. Usually the person with heartbreak doesn't give a shit about life anymore.
Falling in love (again): See the Falling in love stage.
by Mitsuki Ame May 24, 2010

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