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Tila Tequila - The Most Popular Girl on the Web. Ever heard of MySpace? She's no doubt the most requested/visited/commented page in any MySpace account. But who is she? She was just a normal, yet hot, model. Shes been on a couple of T.V. shows such as "Surviving Nugent" and yet some more, but one day, literally out of no where, shes explodes into this huge phenomenon. Nearly everyone on MySpace knows who she is and has , of course, added her. With over 30,000,000 profile views (each time someone clicks on her page), over 540,000 comments, and over 1000 comments for each picture, she's practically a celebrity. Since her giant blast, she's appeared on T.V. shows, magazines, and more. Tila is an entreprenuer, model, musical artist, and even has a little acting skill. With such a great personality, and huge talent, maybe she could be the next super-star.
Have you seen Tila Tequila on MySpace? She's so hot.
by Mitchell Swope May 15, 2006

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