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A eerily clean city in the state of Oregon. It's full of hippies and there are too many environmentalists. The city itself is nice on the surface but then you just realize it is a wannabe Seattle. About half of it's metro population comes from Washington state. The blazers suck and the northern side of the city on the willamette is full of graffiti, thugs, and drugs. In the downtown area there is an enormous ammount of bums that will ask you for bus fair. The weather is nice but there are too many parks/rose gardes that allow free loaders to play hacky sack and be lazy in their tie die t shirts. The city is only successful because it tries to be like Seattle. The only good thing about this city is the fact that there is no sales tax. Essentially people from Vancouver, WA do all their shopping in Portland.
Portland needs to be its own city and stop trying to be like Seattle.
by Mitchell Shelley September 21, 2006

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