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Look at that cool guy over there...he's Crazy Uncle Johnny.
by Mister Webster January 14, 2008
an individual with an awful lot of free time on their hands...
Crazy Uncle Johnny: Uncle Tater put the finishing touches on his spud gun yesterday.

Weird Uncle Travis: Even cooler, he also created the first Linux based kegerator.
by Mister Webster January 21, 2008
an oft-misunterstood individual whose humor can either leave one laughing hysterically or in a state of befuddlement. Usually seen in the company of a Crazy Uncle Johnny.
Dude, that guy with Crazy Uncle Johnny is one silly son-of-a-bitch...he must be Weird Uncle Travis.
by Mister Webster January 19, 2008
nickname for Harpoon brand India Pale Ale
Crazy Uncle Johnny: You wanna IPA?

Weird Uncle Travis: Sure, you got The Poon?
by Mister Webster January 23, 2008
Similar to a pub crawl, but taking place entirely within Old Hickory Village in Old Hickory, Tennessee. Since there are no pubs or other similar establishments in Old Hickory, participants travel from home to home, porch to porch, yard to yard...and consume copious amounts of excellent beer from kegs transported with the group.

This annual event takes place on or around Saint Patrick's Day; it includes commemorative t-shirts and specialty beer, often an IPA or other disctinctive style.
1. Crazy Uncle Johnny and Weird Uncle Travis invited Uncle Tater to the Village Crawl, but he will miss out on all the fun because he will be out of town.

2. I refuse to go downtown for Saint Patrick's Day, too many drunk drivers...I think I'll go to the Village Crawl and then stumble home on foot.
by Mister Webster March 11, 2008

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