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13 definitions by Mister Toad

Pulling a Minnie Mouse; An unlikely girl who is sleeping with the best trash.
Usually when there is a perfectly good man waiting at home.
Chap: Dude, is that your wife hanging with that scuzzy dog.

Ole Man: Yeah, I'm gunna divorce her, know any good lawyers?

Chap: Divorce? What'd she do pull a Minnie Mouse?

Ole Man: No shit! She's fucking Goofey!
by Mister Toad September 19, 2010
When a person with a public voice makes a vocabulary blunder. Usually creating a whole new word, ie; "misunderestimate". Then after being called on the mis-speech, they claim to be right, or "selfjustified".
Ms P; I don't want to unelaborate on this topic, but truthyness is a big overatism.

Reporter; Boy, just listen to all that Palineism!
by Mister Toad January 03, 2011
ice turds:

What becomes a big nasty blackish hunk of frozen street slush, and will attach to the back of a wheel well, only to drop in inopportune places, and look all nasty-assty.
Boss; Look, you're in charge of the parking clean up. I want all those ice turds cleaned up and off the premisses by closing time or you are fired!

Lackey; Damn man, them rustlucks is froz down like Santa's balls.

Boss; Well I nearly broke my toe on one just now, and if you don't get them gone right now you will be thawing Santa's balls in your next line of work!
by Mister Toad December 18, 2010
Musicians who are in it for the groopies, their music isn't all that great, but they always seem to get the chicks/boys.
That Rocko got hisself anudder babe, damn! Mebby if Ah git me a ax I could be som buddies fan meat too.

fan meat
by Mister Toad September 22, 2010
Any number of social web sites where people post and rate the naked photos of others and themselves.

Usually for the implied purpose of dating, but just as often the cheep thrill of exhibitionism. Also to compare physical anatomy, posturing, and photographic expertise. Often material supplied by cell phone device, in the form of video, bedroom and or wash room setting. Most participants will use about as much digression as the modesty one might derive from posing behind a tennis racket.
Shiela; Damn girl, you don’t have to flash your tits to get guys to ask you out, just put a picture on assbook.com!!!
by Mister Toad January 18, 2011
1. That which is ready and usable to post to the utube web site.

2. A piece of video consisting of a worthy content for potentially millions of eyes and or posterity.

3. An item of video of such horrificly embarasing situations that it has the potential to make the main subject crawl under a web rock and disapear from public life altogether.
Larry; So, that bit I got of Fester sneezing noseblow all over Sheila’s lunch is still on my phone, like I’m gunn’a ditch it.

Franklin; No way! Send it to me, man, that’s definitely utubeable in the epic sense.

Larry; Right you are! We’ll be famous, and Fester will disappear for life.

Franklin; Sweet, and Sheila will dump his ass faster than a hooker in skechers.
by Mister Toad January 14, 2011
Usually, a self described person, who ideates solutions to puzzles.

One who creates written mysteries for others to enjoy or solve, such as mystery writers.

The person who is constantly quizzing those assembled with mostly unanswerable problems of little import.
Reuben; So, what's the probability that a giant Godzilla like egg is at the bottom of this pond, and when this rock lands on it the thing will crack open and hatch out to trash the town over there?

Shire; Beats me, probably the same odds that you would have if the pond would suddenly freeze over and the rock would bounce back and brain you in the head.

Giles; So what makes you think you are a couple of mysteryologists? The only question I can see is that you both seem to have beat the odds and not been removed from the gene pool, by now!
by Mister Toad October 02, 2010