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Kehayas is the latin root form for "Crazy Bitch"

it can be said to define women in particular, but is often used as an expression of colorful insults.

May alsu be used as a verb.
To kehaya - to become a crazy bitch
Did you see how she acted like a complete Kehayas?"

That Kehayas actually thought she was capable of insulting me.

by Mister Steene September 02, 2007
caie is taken from the greek word for crow, the black and dangerous bird to the greek farmer's crops. This caie was said to be a harvester of evil spirits and the root cause of widespread starvation. Caie can be shortened to cai

Leen refers to the angle on which a horse's cock will hang from it's body when preparing for intercourse.
That pornstar sure looked Caileen, bet she could have taken the whole cock in her mouth.
by Mister Steene September 02, 2007

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