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Crazy latina chick who PWNs at will and appears at random to dish out random PWN sessions to those deserving without prior notice. This is also coupled with Rave Syndrome.
Dia: Holy shit. Shorty opened a can on that n00b.
Dave-O: Ah. I see my Rave Syndrome has afflicted her.
by Mister Angry March 10, 2005
The fighting style of Dave-O.
Rave Fu is a deadly blend of Akido, Jeet Kune Do, Dragon style kung fu, and Muay Thai kickboxing.
Not many who are on the receiving end of Rave-Fu are concious long or will remember the PWNing dealt to them.
Dave-O: ....Rave-Fu knocks. *AssWhoop*
by Mister Angry March 10, 2005
The curious affliction that occurs to random people when Dave-O is around.
Rave Syndrome is dubbed because of
Dave-O's alter ego "Rave" which is also known as "Angry Dave". Rave likes to get PWNHappy and will even PWN himself to satiate his need to PWN. Rave Syndrome is dangerous to everyone.
Random Kid: Oh fuck. He's got Rave Syndrome. *Runs away*
Other Kid: MUST..PWN..n00bs...
by Mister Angry March 10, 2005
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