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A bitch with a stank ass tuna smelling twat with all sorta infections and std's.
Jamal: "damn tyron i met this bitch up in tha club"
Tyron: "yea"
Jamal: "when i got her in the rest room the bitch dropped her panties i was like fuck dat, bitch gotsa red rhonda."

P.s. (easy girl that does it in the bathrooms are known as b's)
by Missy in N Michigan April 22, 2007
I woman with loose morals that has sex, gives bj's and does other sexual activities also drugs in public restrooms.
Jamal: Yo, I got lucky last night.
Tyron: Wit who?
Jamal: With sum Bitch in the bathroom of da White Castle.
Tyron: Oh you got wit a B
by Missy in N Michigan April 22, 2007
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