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61 definitions by Missy

the male reproductive organ, penis
My chain hang so long my cross bang wit my pipeline
by missy January 18, 2004
slang term for the city of Kenosha in the state of Wisconsin
I was born in K-town, but now I live in Milwaukee.
by missy December 12, 2004
Actin goofy ass hell Like a geek
Wen someone is acting prepy
Or when someone is acting smart when you know their not
When your acting goofy or not yourself
Sentence (Im just Geekin) Or (OOw he geekin)
by Missy August 04, 2003
to ask a chicken head for brains
John: Ayo, Kiki sux me off
Kiki: Whateva
by Missy January 09, 2004
a term used by an awesome person named jennie, and it means a little puff of air that exits out of the anus hole, similar to a FART!
oooo, i just boofered...smell that yummy stench that just ridden from my body...mmmmm!!!
by missy February 06, 2003
Means ur all that and shit. Your looking tight and fine.
Liz: Your looking so ghetto
Mis: Oh no gurl I'm looking ghetto-fabulous!!
by Missy July 01, 2004
At Michigan Center my high school like thats all ppl say. Some guy from IN wrote it on our rock and now its all over school. It's a famous person
when someone says ur name, you say I'm Rick Bitch now step off
by Missy July 01, 2004