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awktipus- someone who is always awkard to the point where he/she is known as an awktipus for their status of awkwardness.
ex. Mary:Did you see what Kasey did today?
Tom:Yes, he's so weird.
Mary:*sigh* Such an awktipus.
by Miss. Amazingpants January 20, 2011
Someone who is awkward to the point where they ruin everything. No one wants to deal with them so they are usually ignored and not wanted in daily life.
Amanda: Guys! Guess what?!
Kasey: What, Amanda?
Kasey: Ugh, Amanda, why do you have to be such an awktagon..get away from me.

*Amanda walks away*
by Miss. Amazingpants February 01, 2011
To bite, viciously attack, claw out the eye balls. A very violent act.
meghan: "no one cares.."
bridget: "IM GONNA KILL YOU LIKE A squirrel monkey!"
by Miss. Amazingpants February 01, 2011

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