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A bad ass MC from Pittsburgh. He is fine as hell! He is algerian and mexican.
Bree: omg have you heard that new Pittsburgh slim song?
Bianca:Girls kiss girls? thats not new!
Breanna: No not that one! that new one called My Bitch is Crazy!?
Bianca: my bitch is crazy?
Breanna: Thats right...and i LU LU LU LUV IT!
Bianca:Fo Shizz!
by Miss Monet April 29, 2009
a very talented singer who won making the band and was offered his own record contract.
girl 1: Omg Donnie Klang is the shiznit!
girl 2: omg are you serious i heard he couldnt even sell any albums
gril 1: thats a bullshit ass lie because i know for a fact i went out and bought them all so there!
by Miss Monet March 22, 2009

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