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A sexual act involving an older woman (henceforth "teacher") and several younger lovers from an impoverished, inner-city community (henceforth "students"). The teacher wears nothing but the U.S. flag draped around her old, wrinkly body. The students wear Catholic school uniforms that expose their private parts and each has an apple in his or her mouth, not dissimilar to a roast pig. The students line up on their hands and knees with their assholes towards the teacher. The teacher inserts pieces of chalk into each student's asshole one-by-one until she can no longer fit any more in. At that point, the teacher uses a yardstick to smack the chalk farther into the anal cavity. During this process, the student must recite the pledge of allegiance.
Me and the boys are going to get together with my girl tonight and have her Teach for America.
by Miss Macintosh December 11, 2006

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