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A scene kid is someone that dresses like he/she does because it is "cool" to do so.

Scene kids cannot think or act for themselves.

Scene kids listen to the music that is "in" at the time. At the moment it being emotionally charged hardcore ("emo")/hardcore. They list loads of bands in their "favourites" on Myspace, that they've never even listened to.

Basically a scene kid is a wannabe. And they are not individual whatsoever.

Scene kids wear half their hair over one eye.

Most scene kids get called "emos" which is stupid because "emo" is a type of music, and the only way people are emo is that they are "emotional".

Scene kids SUCK..

If I think of more I will post another...
If you read this, because you want to become "scene" all you need to do, is listen to bands that are "in" at the moment. Wear tight pants, that show your ass a bit. For guys eyeliner is in, for girls eyeliners always been in. Lip piercings will always make you scene. And if you use Myspace make sure you pose in all of your pictures and try to get as much friends as possible.
by Miss Kiv June 02, 2005

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