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A 12-year-old kid that got popular for singing a covered version of Lady GaGa's "Paparazzi" at a talent show and putting it on YouTube..

Ellen DeGeneres found him and put him on her show and he's been on there like, twice now, I think..

A lot of people compare him to Justin Bieber, but Greyson's voice is much better imo..

The only thing that bothers me are the stupid teen girls that think he's "oh so HOTT!!" when he's a little 12-year-old boy.. wtf is wrong with you??
JB Fan: omg there's this new guy named Greyson Chance and he's like, sooo hott and he's JUST like Justin Bieber!!!!

Person: Umm, not really.. His voice is like, 10 times better and he's 12-fuckin'-years-old, get over yourself!!
by Miss Cherie May 26, 2010
When a person interrupts another person saying:
Yo, I'mma let you finish, but.... - then something that was the best to them..
Person 1 (won first place for cake contest): Wow, thanks so much.. I worked hard on my strawberry cake-
Person 2: *gets up and interrupts Person 1* Yo, I'mma let you finish, but chocolate cakes are the best cakes of all time.. all time!!
Person 3: Wow, that dude just had a total Kanye West Moment..
by Miss Cherie September 26, 2009

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