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A person who seeks a relationship with the same gender. Many people are disgusted by it for the following reasons, all of which are incredibly stupid:

It's disgusting because it's unnatural!-
So? Breast implants aren't natural, but I don't see you complaining about them.

It goes against God!-
Not everyone reads the Bible. Stop shoving your religion up my ass, plzkthnx.

Watching two people of the same gender make-out is gross!-
Eyelids, closing them tends to block your vision so you can't see. Besides, watching anyone have a tongue fight, homosexual or not, is really kinda gross.

Those are just a few amongst many other idiotic reasons, I'm sure.
Don't like homosexual marriage? DON'T MARRY ONE.
by Miss Boomshackalackalacka September 30, 2006
A person with an unnaturally close relationship with the female half of their parentage.
You sir, are a mother fucker.
by Miss Boomshackalackalacka August 27, 2006
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