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Euphemism for "nipple"

An adjective defining any unusual object (typically referring to a mess or something that looks strange) that the user can't remember the name of.

An negative interjection used in any stress related situation usually followed after the word "BLAH" or "BLEH".
WHAT is that...that...NARPLE?


How was your day?

How are you feeling?
by Misc. Man August 05, 2008
An interjection that strangely can be used in any situation but is typically used in a boring, negative, or humorous situation...
The words actual definition is based primarily upon the tone it is used in. Such as a sigh or with enthusiasm or a scowl.

A random word typically shouted and also (in some cases) used as a sort of humorous battle cry.

The word is derived from the word bajunga
but has an entirely different meaning and
is closely related, in definition, to meh
How are you today?

by Misc. Man August 05, 2008

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