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1. Noun, a person, usually a fat ugly girl (mostly virgins) or camp homosexual twinks (mostly sluts), who would employ physical and mental tactics to prevent a guy from getting lucky with their "friends". Deep down they are either closet minge munchers who wants the girl or a homosexual guy who wants to "turn" the guy.
Muff cuffs truly believe what they do are justifiable and would not express a drop of remorse.
Clinical studies showed that this population have a 0.1% chance of getting a life of their own. There is a national (toll free) helpline....0800-muff-cuff-911...

2. Verb - An altruistic act of preventing a female object being approached by an unsuitable male (or female) suitor, and to exclude the possibility of the female objects getting sexual pleasure from the interested parties, apart from themselves.
The act of muff cuff ranges from psychological mind games, verbal threats to physical assaults to both parties. Sadly, there is no criminal law against the act of muff cuff so far.
1. (Noun) Sassy said "Last night, I met a really cute guy at the club but I got "muff cuffed" by Hugo, I know he just wanted to protect me"
Lulu replied "Don't be so naive, Hugo wanted the guy for himself! You could see pre-cum on his pants when he was chatting to him!"

2. (Verb) Brian sighed "Erica is a Class A "muff cuff", there is no way I can get lucky with Stephanie"
Hugo replied "Yeah, I know. I bet it's because Erica secretly wants to eat Steph's minge"

by Ming Fu January 27, 2008

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