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2 definitions by Mindfucked Doctor Worm

A Shaley is a girl who can almost be described as perfect. She has a large mass of close friends who love and adore her. With her exciting and desired social life she is the main topic of conversation in a good way.

Not only is she incredibly beautiful, she has a personality that matches it perfectly. She's always nice to everyone no matter if it's her best friend or a total stranger she just met. If you ever met a Shaley you'd definitely know it as no one else compares. Sometimes she doesn't quite know just how amazing she is and denies it constantly.
Person 1: Dude, I'm dating Shaley!

Person 2: Ohmergawd, I am so jealous!
by Mindfucked Doctor Worm January 15, 2013
The type of laugh in which a loud and often very noticeable snort breaks through the hysteric fits of laughter.

This usually affects all those around with even more laughter.
Person 1: *snorts while laughing*

Person 2: Nice pig laugh bro.
by Mindfucked Doctor Worm January 15, 2013