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pitching a tent
sporting a wood
icicles formed
the march is on
mr. mortis
rigor mortis has set in
flesh rocket
jack's magic beanstalk
tall tommy
mushroom on a stick
and, uh, pedro
varsity blues classic scene, purple headed yogurt slinger is the final example prior to pedro.
by Mikey Cee April 24, 2006
Nirvana song that symbolizes grunge and, more than any other song, defines 90's music. My personal opinion is that the guitar riff is pretty good, but if you take a look at the lyrics, they are pretty random. The point of the song isn't really the lyrics, though. This is more about the guitars and practicing the style of grunge, which is more apparent in the music video. What it looks like is a stripped-down performance with excited teens in a sweaty gym.
With the lights out/ it's less dangerous/ Here we are now/
Entertain us/ I feel stupid/ and contagious/ Here we are now
Entertain us/ A mulatto/ An albino/ A mosquito/ My Libido/ Yeah

How much more random can you get? Smells Like Teen Spirit isn't really about anything. The title comes (indirectly) from deodorant. Maybe that's what the sweaty fans need when they're jumping around in the poorly ventilated gym. Hey, just a guess.
by Mikey Cee August 21, 2007
Inventor of the television. Vladimir Zworykin copied his idea for RCA. He helped RCA keep all possible profits out of Farnsworth's hands. At age 14, young Philo had his working idea all set. He was a farmboy genius, and it was cornfields with different-colored corn that inspired him to use pixels the way he did. At 21, Farnsworth had his first working model of a television. Farnsworth also designed the Farnsworth-Hirsch Fusor, which was the first fusor to demonstrate actual nuclear fusion.
Philo T. Farnsworth invented the television designed the first working Fusor, but he is not famous. His wife, Elma, always fought for his place in history. She died in 2006.
by Mikey Cee May 03, 2007
Greatest American composer ever. Also directed, which is somewhat impossible to do.
With his famous Rhapsody In Blue, George Gershwin brought jazz into the orchestra hall.
by Mikey Cee May 26, 2007
Best understood as the conservative version of Michael Moore. She is a multiple best-selling author and columnist, a Cornell graduate, and was involved in the Clinton sex scandal. Coulter leaked the fact that Paula Jones was able to correctly identify Bill Clinton's bent penis. She did this to forestall a settlement. Coulter hates liberals and the New York Times. She loves God and conservatism.

Coulter's first major controversy involved an unfortunate comment to a Vietnam vet. Coulter was unaware of the fact that he was disabled. The Vietnam vet said 90% of the mines that American soldiers stepped on in Vietnam were their own. This is not true; what he meant to say was that 90% of those mines' components were constructed from American duds, refuse, etc. Coulter thought his comment was funnily untrue, so she said, "No wonder you guys lost." At that point, she was permanently fired from MSNBC. She has also made questionable jokes implying casual racism against Muslims, particularly those of Middle Eastern descent.

Ann Coulter is an intentionally divisive and provocative writer, so if people write uncomplimentary things about her you have to figure she had it coming. However, I also wish people would contribute more useful facts along with their opinions. For instance, you probably did not know Bill Clinton had a bent penis. And surprisingly, Ann Coulter (of all people) is closely related to that fact.
Neocon: I just got done reading Ann Coulter's new book about the Church of Liberalism, and it totally reinforces the hatred I already had for all things liberal!

Liberal: I hate that bitch. She was a drag queen, she has an adam's apple, and she is the love child of Satan and Hitler. I hate her, oh, how I hate her. Crazy douchebag.
by Mikey Cee April 25, 2007
Just to clarify, he did not invent the internet. It was Tim Berners-Lee. TBL, born 1955, is currently a senior researcher and holder of the 3Com Founders Chair at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). He is also a Knight Commander (second-highest rank in the Order of the British Empire). Wiki him. While you're at it, look up Philo T. Farnsworth. He invented the television. These are good guys to know about.
Al Gore probably made that claim because he, like most people, does not know who actually invented the Internet. And continues to make sure it stays royalty-free. We (should) all owe him a lot. But he chose not to profit from it. Thanks Tim!
by Mikey Cee May 03, 2007
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