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What food companies say their products don't have to make it look like they have no fat, since trans fat doesn't really exist.
Seriously, I have yet to see a product that DOES have trans fat in it. Its just another marketing ploy.
by MikeTazer October 29, 2009
the place that america always has a missle targeted at! LOL!!!
were just waiting for everyone to turn their backs, then BOOM!!!!! byebye cuba!!! ROFLZ!!!!!!!
by MikeTazer April 26, 2008
completly overrated movie that didnt deserve 4 stars. ive seen 4 star movies before and this isnt a 4 star movie. how sad.
why the hell is it called "the dark knight" anyway? shouldnt that be like, the name to a movie about knights and dragons?
by MikeTazer August 08, 2008
the thing that stupid british say instead of "fuck you."
britass: oh fuck me you ahss hole! fancy a cup o' tea?

me: YOUR A DUMBASS! *pulls out gun* ---"BANG"---!!!!

britass: --silence--
by MikeTazer June 08, 2007

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