25 definitions by MikeTazer

ass cheeks spread apart. LOLZ
horray for (_|o|_)!!!!
by MikeTazer April 01, 2008
A website making software that uses Adobe Flash. Its easy to use and can make you look like a profetional website maker in no time ;)
I use Sitemaker and it kicks ass.
by MikeTazer January 08, 2008
Having to do with something else.
1: You are so regarded!
2: I think regarded girls are hot.
3: Lets go punch a regarded person in the face!
by MikeTazer October 02, 2008
The mark left on a street after a rolling burnout. Can be made into words if your good enough.
I did a HUGE street tattoo that says "HELL YEAH" and can only be seen from the sky.
by MikeTazer January 02, 2009
the thing that, for some reason, every bands name is one of the elements.
try to search for ANY element on urban dictionary and you'll find some gay boy band.
by MikeTazer June 13, 2007
the stupid heart symbol. i dont know about you, but it looks more like a really small penis.
<3 is "less than 3" OK??? not a heart shape, you damn emos!!!
by MikeTazer May 26, 2008
the most diskusting piece of shit ever created. suposedly its covered in yogurt and has a chewy center. They taste like crap though. cheap candy to make money off of. uhhh, wouldnt yogurt go bad if it was left out like that? i wonder what kind of shit covers them to stand as "yogurt"
guy 1: OH D00DZ!!! Theez yogos are teh pwn!!!!

guy 2: Thats not real yogurt. and thats cow fat in the middle.

guy 1: *kills self*
by MikeTazer June 04, 2007

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