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What you give to a chiquita once you're done. It's like a pearl necklace but it goes straight up from their rack to their chin. It looks like a long soul patch or an egyptian pharaoh's beard
"Dude, see that chiquita over there?"
"I chiquita'ed her and gave her a dole patch when i was done. She looked like she had a pharaoh's beard!"
by Mike and Andy December 19, 2006
A chick with a giant rack and usually visible cleavage. Also means to tit-fuck a chick with a giant rack, like the woman on the Chiquita banana sticker.

When you're done with a Chiquita you give her a Dole Patch/Pharaoh's Beard, which is called that because it looks like she got a long soul patch from your banana, or one of those long Egyptian Pharaoh beards.

It's yelled whenever a chiquita walks by or is sitting close to you, and if possible should be followed by the gesture of pressing your breasts together in a circular motion.
Chiquita walks by
Guy 1: "Chiquita!"
Guy 2: "ooo Chiquita!" *pushes his breasts together and shakes them"

Guy 1: "Oh man check out that chiquita!"
Guy 2: "Yeah she sure is a Queen Nefertitty, I'd love to give her a Pharaoh's Beard!
by Mike and Andy December 19, 2006
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