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The act of leaving a social gathering of three or more friends without notice and in a wily, concealed manner. Also, one who practices this art can be referred to as a darkman. The reason for the roughish exit may differ according to the situation: eluding an ex-partner, escaping before being enveloped in a full-blown blackout, evading a cumbersome event, dashing away because the walls are melting and the ceiling is changing colors, etc. The darkman often attempts this foolish exit with a head full of alcohol and/or chemicals, although there are many exceptions to this rule. Any drunken buffoon can attempt a darkman, very few have mastered the true art of the darkman.
Sally: (yelling over excruciatingly loud music) Bill, Where's Andy? He was just standing here and the beer in his pint is still swaying where he placed it on the bar.
Bill and Sally: (in unison after scanning the crowded barroom in vain for Andy): darkman...
by Mike Zero May 27, 2005
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