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3 definitions by Mike Rundle

An Apple Computer branded mp3 player with a large capacity solid state hard drive.
Hey John... send me that new 1108 Thugz track so I can put it on my iPod.
by Mike Rundle April 29, 2003
1852 1036
A decentralized file sharing service, started by Linux users. Used as an alternative to Kazaa because it can NEVER be shut down.
"Find me some more of that Russian stuff on Gnutella... DC just doesn't have enough"
by Mike Rundle April 30, 2003
15 6
A replacement for saying "later" when leaving an IM conversation, one that signifies you are leaving to go have sex.
Me: Laidher dude!
<Signed Off>
by Mike Rundle November 18, 2004
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