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Sorry ima have to correct "true villian," on that one. Sharonvile is not totally bad. It doesn't even look bad, unless u have lived in it or u kno where the bad parts are. We actually have some of good neighborhoods, like waterford and Indian springs. And no most of the townies don't go to bar's on the loop. They used to until peg's pub opened up down the street on route 42. And no one is for real poor, unless u live in downtown sharonville or high point. And i like goin to school with black people. If we didn't then everyone would be a lil more of a softie, and we would have alot more of those really rich fucks tryin to be bad ass and dont kno what bein hard is except from movies. For example, moeller has alot of those. And yes, drug deals do go down on the streets.... just a little smarter, we make it look like we are being picked up and the get dropped off to the next lick, instead of being in the same location. And it's strictly bud, except if u live in high point or downtown sharonville. And patche's real name in Tom Jones, and he is a nice guy if u ever get to kno him he just smells funny.
Hella partying and 1 in 4 four chances that there is some kind of social gathering goin down on par four.
by Mike Rob June 27, 2005

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