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Forget the definition... Most all of you are just hating cause if you did like "nu-metal" you would have to explain it to you narrow-minded friends and then get ur ass kicked. I am a fan of all, new and old... I dont dis a group or band or whatever just because they have a particular theme or silly antics. For the record I like and in some cases LOVE some nu metal bands... however I would agree with the lack of variety that may be present in these commerical groups. I have read most of these definitions and really think that most of you ~90% are just plain silly. I was quite amazed to not see the likes of Marilyn Manson in any of these definitions (if you can call them that) but I guess thats because hes not really metal, but neither is Linkin Park or Slipknot. As I look through my collection of music I see a large mixture of classics like Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, and Frank Zappa which are certainly classic rock and not metal. But equally as important as the classics is the more recent stuff (recent = last 20 years) Manson Korn and SOAD fill my collection as plenifully as Metallica, Dimmu, and Children Of Bodom do. As I know most of you will reject this commentary I would like to give everyone including myself the opportunity to say, "FUCK YOU!" to all you haters. System is kewl, Slipknot can rock a stadium, Metallica can get you pumped, and Dimmu can corrupt the deepest darkest corners of your soul. They all rock for their own reasons!... And who ever said it was a shame to make a buck off ur music. If you "MetalHeads" consider your precious Slayer(Which Rocks) as tru-metal...(ie Non Corperate) then why does their latest CD cost just as much as the Slipknot album I just bought? Most of your rants are hardly cogent and have little to no conclusive value. So... for the Record; don't get me wrong... some nu metal just plain blows. Fred Durst should be skullfucked alive, shot in the kneecaps, and hung over a bridge to bleed to death for using the word "Dubs" in a song with a distorted guitar.

And now for the definition; drumroll please...

"Nu Metal is the logical transgression of the metal scene popularized during the eighties. It is simplified for easier listening and ease of performance. Its acclaimed artists are often considered talentless sellouts, oppugnants often using the rationale that exorbitant recipt of funds for a product (music-cd) constitues a lesser product."

Now that's a definition...

Okay fags... Get ur thumbs down buttons ready and vote away! HA! Losers! =D Cheers and Goodday.
Metalhead: Hi im afraid of change.

Me: Hi you need to understand that change is good. And if you can't get that through ur little (yet seemingly inpenetrable) skull of steel I put a hole in your head via this ArmourPiercingRound in my brand new M16.

Me: Capeshe!?

Metalhead: Fuck Off! Asshole!

Me: Ka-blewwie!... Aww shit what a mess.

MOTD: Are you willing to die for your nu metal antics?
by Mike Reutter April 20, 2006

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