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A stupid fucking whore who paints her face to look like a clown and has very low self confidence and hangs out with fucking loosers who are known as "juggalos." These juggalos and juggalettes are loosers who are commonly alcoholics and frequently use recreational drugs. When they actually get a job, they have jobs (sometimes) that pay the minimum wage, and are counterproductive to society. They spend what money they earn to buy alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, and they also use it to gamble, as they are commonly also addicted to gambling. They listen to shitty music produced under the "psychopathic records" label, and think it is cool.
poor hygeine is another common trait of these scum bags.
"what in the fuck was that whorish looking chick with the clown makeup?"
"fucking loosers call themselves juggalettes."
"thats the lamest fucking thing i have ever heard of."
by Mike McLovin March 17, 2008
A backseat DUI occurres when a sober person is driving an intoxicated person home, and the intoxicated individual is giving the driver shitty directions, and false instructions to turn, and then saying "No, No, not this street..."
This causes the driver to speed up, slow down, and begin to turn, then swerve back into the driving lane, leading others observing the vehicle from the outside to believe that the driver is DUI.
"I was driving Marcus home the other night from the local water hole and he kept telling me to turn and shit and I was all over the place and then I got pulled over, but it was cool, the cop realized Marcus was just backseat DUI."
by Mike McLovin March 16, 2008
When one becomes so intoxicated with alcohol that they could not possibly get any more intoxicated without vomiting, or remaining conscious. This is when your internal alcohol tolerance "meter" maxes out, or hits the limiter, thus, "pinging the needle."
"Holy shit, last night I was so sloshed I almost ralphed out the window of the car on the way home, but I just ended up drooling on myself- definately pinging the needle!"
by mike mclovin May 24, 2008

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