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1 definition by Mike From Subway

The worst, most God-awful place in which i have ever resided. The school here is fake. Money is everything. The social perameters of this area north of Humble, Tx, is one where money will get you everywhere you need to go. Your parents will make sure you're the best at whatever you do. Money here, as opposed to real talent, is what determines teams, rank, and your highschool career. The people here are full of arrogance, betrayals, ignorant mentalities, and the seeming addiction to "MTV". The students at KHS are very pompous, fake, and highly sexually active. The problems of "bunch of stupid rich kids having nothing else to do" leads to high amounts of drinking, drugs, and sexual behavior. The teen society out there, in all means, is the most retarded, drama loving, hypocritical, attention whores you will ever encounter. Nobody has any true intellect, and friendships that are real are scarce aside from the select few. The HS out there will soon be cut into 2 schools: Kingwood Park and Kingwood High. Basically: rich KHS vs poor KPHS. The athletic aspect of the highschool is one of highly focused, but rarely successful, teams. The football team is a mockery to all that is the game. The rest of the sports exist merely as pawns of which the teams are decided upon "Who can afford it". Granted they do win in basketball, but again, when you have enough collective money, even victory can be bought. The educational standards of Kingwood are, in all sense, a failure to the State of Texas. The only priority anyone has is "pass the TAKS" test. Aside from that, you learn nothing except how to throw a pencil into the cieling tiles. The neighborhoods are comprised of many villages, all of which are inhabitated by arrogant fools who see their location and livelyhood as the center of all creation. If the ancient capital of Rome could be scaled down as far as ignorance and social caste systems goes, it would exist somewhat like Kingwood. It is only a matter of time before the "barbarians" overrun this hellhold and falsity of a "town". These barbarians will probably be Katrina victims. Upon traveling to Kingwood, it is advisable you bring a mask and a roll of toilet paper. The mask is so you can try to prevent breathing in the egotistical aroma that festers from its citizens, and the toilet paper incase you do happen to breath in the attitude of the inhabitants. that way, when you finally pry your head from your ass, you can atleast clean it off. Never in all my life have i encountered such a region of false, egotistical, hypocritical, god-complex people. Its amazing really, that this town simply hasnt had a civil war based on the grounds of "my daddy makes more than your daddy".

Also known as the Bubble and the Livable Forest. The Bubble for the reason that when you are in Kingwood, you are blind to logic, the real world, and anything and everything besides what gossip you hear in the halls. Its known the Livable Forest because these retards live in the middle of a forest. Yet... they complain when trees fall through their houses. The people get egged here quite frequently, and always feel the need to complain about it at the Country Club.
"I'm from Kingwood, so naturally I'm better than you"


"Black people are real?"

"When Enron fell it was hilarious to see all the rich people who then lived in apartments!"

by Mike From Subway September 06, 2006