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Emo started off as a type of music, but not its stemmed into fake people who live on fake emotions and spend too much time on the computer, and MySpace.
They're attention seekers, and each one is a sheep, they each follow each others trend.
They claim to be unique, but all look the same.
(Like they have a dead cat on their head)

The boys are confused about their sexuality. (and sex, they're typically feminine)

And the girls look like prostitutes.

Whatever happened to guys looking masculine nowadays?

No-one understands why they get so depressed.
Most of the ones many people talk to have great things: like a widescreen TV, latest gaming console out, yet have an "excuse" for being depressed.
Emo's accuse us of not understanding them when they don't bloody tell us!
You ask them what's wrong, they say "oh, nothing" and insist on not telling us because they don't HAVE an excuse.

Funny thing is, in 10 years, they'll look back and think "what the bloody hell did I look like?!"

They complain they get bullied, but looking like that, how can you blame the bullies?

How these sad-acts can walk outside in public, I do not know.
My online boyfriend didn't say "love you"
I'm so depressed, I'm quitting MSN.

Person with life:
Talk to you tomorrow, then.
by Mike Boxall December 26, 2007

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