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4 definitions by Mike Anderson

A word the describes someone who has seen Finding Nemo the Movie and loves the turtle, Crush.
"Noggin... Duuuuuuude"
by Mike Anderson July 01, 2003
1 2
is used with great explication of something that is far out.
"That ride at thet park was so coolyonessest"
by Mike Anderson July 01, 2003
2 4
verb an old practice performed by a mid wife on primarily black male babies in lieu of circumcision. A string is tied around the foreskin which is then pulled as far as possible. A flame from a candle, lamp, etc is then applied to the strectched foreskin and burned off (foost!), hence peckafoost.
Past tense is peckafoosted.
by Mike Anderson November 08, 2005
3 7
adj: Being recoginized for the coolness, wiseness, smartness, and beauty of an Owl
Owls are Owly
by Mike Anderson July 16, 2003
27 70