12 definitions by Mike's Shit Defs

Diarrhea so bad, your ass hurts afterwards.
It was hard to sit down after that Rain of Pain experience.
by Mike's Shit Defs October 28, 2008
A shit so long, it encircles the bowl of the toilet at the waterline, creating a ring effect.
I only ever accomplished the ringer once. It wasn't a pretty sight at all..
by Mike's Shit Defs October 28, 2008
Labelling the piss "X" and the shit "O", creating the game tic-tac-toe. Where you piss first, then drop a kernal, then pissing again. Do this until you stop. If an "O" (A shit) finishes you lose. Finishing with an "X" (a piss), wins the game....Which you just lost.
Hey Iain, I just finished playing some Shit-Tac-Toe... I lost the game.
by Mike's Shit Defs October 28, 2008
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