11 definitions by Mik

When referring to a repulsive male or female, one would rather lube up a deceased person.
Mik: Yo, look at that girl over there.
Danny: Oh, that's definetly a luber..
by Mik April 11, 2005
A shite hole, with the very shite football club, burnley is very competetive with blackburn, but blackburn always seems to win at everything
Fu*k burnley right off, sheep sheep sheep shaggers,
by mik January 07, 2004
taken, removed with permission
She stold my man.
They stold my vibes.
by Mik July 11, 2003
random cry of surprise
''Oontz! I didn't know ya mamma was so fat!''
by Mik December 14, 2003

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