1 definition by Midnight Dorifuta

A shortened way of saying Race Inspired Cosmetic Effects

A popular among the automotive crowd, Rice describes cars that have been modified visually; be it a very agressive and over-done body kit, rear spoiler (very popular "rice"), 'Euro'-style or 'Altezza' (clear lens and silver plastic, red lenses - second most popular) tail lights, or a bunch of useless car modifications, including but not limited to: Fake nitrous bottles, Type R stickers, 19" rims, fake hood/body/roof scoops, ground-effects lighting (glow under car), and the infamous fart-can muffler (usually 3 1/2" or more in diamater, identifyable by its annoyingly loud drone, reminiscent of a screwed-up subwoofer or a fart in a can, hence the term fartcan).
Man the spoiler on that 240 is nothing but rice.

Look at those dumb rice taillights on that Civic! Ugly, man!

Uhh... the body kit on that Tiburon SCREAMS rice.

Man that Eclipse is rice, from its Altezzas to that stupid fartcan.
by Midnight Dorifuta November 11, 2005

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