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A company that does everything they can to make sure your getting punked' and they're not.
Many people are familiar with there surreptitious products and their unfaithful outlook towards their customers
- Xbox Live
-The Red Ring Of Death and its "E-" relatives
- The Blue Screen of Death
- Buggy software
- The extra layer of plastic on Point Cards

- Activation of the Point Cards only when you get to the check register
Microsoft Customer: <That's ironic my Xbox died on my 16th birthday. I bought it 2 years ago for my 14th birthday>

<Well, my warranty is gone but I guess I'll call customer support and see if they can do anything about it... or maybe>

*Goes to Google and types in: how to use your Xbox controller to play PC games*

<Yes YES YESS!! Finally, this is great...now I just have to... huh??..... "Step: 4 Ok, just purchase a Microsoft wireless receiver or the Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows


Curse you Microsoft!!!! >
by Microsoft sufferer March 20, 2010

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