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Mephedrone or methadrone - a chemical used for fertilising plants, also recently used as a recreational drug. As for now it is not illegal and can be bought on-line.

Similar drug ecstasy and mixes well with cocaine (apparently ;) ). The substance is snorted like cocaine. Mephedrone is most commonly sold as a white powder or crystal form or capsules containing the powder. It can also be found in pill form.

Intended effects include increased alertness, euphoria, excitement, feeling of stimulation, urge to talk, and openness

popular in the north-west of England, easiest place to get it.
(4-methylmethcathinone (4-MMC), 4-methylephedrone)

boy1 : Are we going clubbing tonight?

boy2: yeah are we getting some bubble?


boy1: Here mate, you wanna line of bubble
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by Mick Harrison Burnley January 30, 2010
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