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The man who has turn the outlook of Michigan football completely around and healed the wounds left by Pryor leaving us for the Buckeyes which was actually a blessing. In only 2 games he has been compared to Jeff Garcia, Joe Montana, Steve Young and other quick but still accurate QBs throughout football history. Alot of people will like to say at this point he hasn't played OSU or PSU but Michigan fan doent care hes way better then every QB we've had outside of Brady in terms of having IT! And all i got to say is FEAR THE FORCE!
OSU fan: Man Pryor fucked up again man he sucks why couldn't he beat USC like Tate Forcier beat Notre Dame in only his second game man hes clutch

Mich: Don't know don't care bitch Fear The Force and Go Blue!
by Michigan 4 life September 16, 2009

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