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The drummer in the Beatles before Ringo Starr. He was kicked out of the band right before they got famous, 'cause Pete Best sucks a drumming. Nowadays, he's touring with his lame-ass band, and maintaining his bakery. He thinks he's all famous 'cause he was in the Beatles for like 2 years, but that fact is, HE SUCKS. PETE, IF YOU ARE READING THIS, PLEASE REALIZE THAT YOU ARE NOT FAMOUS, YOU DID NOT CONTRIBUTE ANYTHING MAJOR TO THE BEATLES, AND YOU SUCK ASS.
"Oooh, I'm Pete Best! I'm SOOOO cool 'cause I was in the Beatles but unfortunately they kicked me out. I dunno why, maybe it's 'cause I'm a free-loading jackass with nothing better to do except reflect on my days as a Beatles, bake pies, and have rough sex with my gay lover named Jim."

by Michelle of SpinalCracker.com March 02, 2005

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