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2 definitions by Michelle in Woodland Hills

A website where people who have NO CLUE and NO INTELLIGENCE define words they don't understand. (With the exception of a few people like me and a few of you leets or music fans who know.) Almost all definitions on here are TOTALLY wrong!!! Suburban housewifes use it to look stuff up and then misuse the terms. Dumb kids use it to type in wrong definitions. (I learned this at church when some people started trying to define Shizz and Shizzle & when I read what people here think 1337 means.) RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN FROM THIS LOSER SITE!!!!
URBAN-DICK EXAMPLE:"I'm some dumb kid who watched a movie about hackers so I went to UrbanDictionary.com to post the def of hacker terms. Plus I know SHIT about rap shizz so I posted some stuff about that too."

1. "geez mate i drank too much.....hang here guys, i need to go shizzle"
2. "I left my shizz on the carpet next to my beer and the new shizz comp."
3. "After I bum-raped the guy, I forced him to eat the shizz!"

1. 1337 = "most commonly used for people who don't know what 1337 is about and think it is cool." (At least, when it comes to the dumb shit they post here it's true they don't know what it is.)
by Michelle in Woodland Hills December 04, 2004
Def 1 - Scam Artist store that says they did not get the payments you make online. Then when you pay off the entire amount and close your account in one call on the phone, they send you more bills 3 weeks later, saying there was an additional $10 dollars you did not pay which has now increased to an additional $ 2013 over the past 3 weeks, EVEN THOUGH YOU TOLD THEM TOLD THEM at the time TO TAKE THE WHOLE AMOUNT they lyingly said you owed IN FULL OUT OF YOUR BANK ACCOUNT (just so the scammers would stop charging you interest on late fees you don't owe in the first place, so you can later go back and continue to try to protest the lying bastards through the Attorney General's office), so that now, they (the Muther Fuckin Best Buy Assholes) have now added on an additional $20 dollars each day to a fee you never owed in the first place so that now the fuckin scammers say you owe another $2000!!!!
Def 2 - Lying, Mother Fuckin' Assholes!
"STAY THE FUCK AWAY from the LYING, Mutha Fuckin' Scammers at BEST BUY!!!"

"I got fuckin' screwed at Best Buy."

"Damn! I wish I never did business with Best Buy! They screwed me."
by Michelle in Woodland Hills December 04, 2004