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Da krunkest flyest illest place to be OaKtOwN,HaYsTaCk,San Jo and everywhere in between. The Best Area to be in.Home of da Playas,Pimps,Ballas,Shot callas the Area where they pop them collas. Yall should know by now. If you don't know know you know. Yay Area or no Area 510 408 and everywhere else. Yay Area still holdin it down.
p1:Yo,why is we so weak?
p2:Cause we dont live in the Yay Area.
p1:But we live in New York
p2:exactly dogg we weak as fuck
p1:I need to get outta here
p2:fo sho ma niqqa we need to move to krunkest flyest illest place around
p1:you mean,Houston Texas?
p2:Niqqa ,no wonder you aint got a life and your weak as fuck. We need to Move out to Da Yay Area.
p1:Life seems to make sence now.
*5 weeks lata*
p1:fa sho dogg dis is the krunkest place on earth
p2:fa sho ma niqqa
p1 & p2: Thank you Yay ARea for makin us into what we are now, fly and krunk ass fuck and the Yay out here is da best. We love you Yay Area.
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