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When Hitler got corned up his ass hole
Sexy Jew Girl : Walks into Hitlers office
Hitler: Security!
Sexy Jew Girl: Wait please, look.
Hitler watches
Sexy Jew Girl starts giving Hitler Strip tease.
Hitler: Take it off!
Jew lays on floor, and starts masturbating
Sexy jew Girl: Come join me baby.
Hitler Starts stripping out his outfit, then takes off tie and starts swinging it like a cow boy.
Sexy jew girl puts on some sexy music.
Hitler, gets into his zebra man thong
Sexy jew girl goes over to him, lays him onto his desk
Hitler popps a big one
Sexy jew girl pulls down his man thongs
Sexy jew girl: Red rocket! Red rocket!
Sexy jew girl starts rubbing hitlers cock
Hitler: Yes bitch, suck it! You Jew!
Sexy jew girl starts sucking hi s big daddy dick
Sexy jew girl: Fuck me daddy!
Sexy Jew girl pulls out corn on the cob, then shoves it up hitlers ass
Hitler screams like a little bitch
Sexy jew girl throws hitler on the floor, naked, then takes a dump on his chest, then catches him on fire
Thats why we call it, Hitlers CornHole
by Michelle Betch November 11, 2009
When him/her really has the urge to play the resident evil game.
Guy 1: Man, I just beat resident evil 4, and I have played all the games so far, and beat them so I know the story, and, I have to wait, till Resident Evil 5 comes out in 2009, March 13.... and its only January 17, and I got it on the opening day which was the 11th. Dammit, I want the game now, I have to wait 3 years.. (Resident Evil Addiction)

Gurl 2: So I had just got resident evil 5 on march 13, the oppening day, and I beat the hole game in 2-3 days... I am pissed, that resident evil, was really good, wesker is dead? Well, Me and my brother got in a fight a couple days ago and he busted my re5 in half I screamed, and yelled, I threw punches at the walls, creating enourmous holes, I am so pissed, I think, I am going to kill myself, I hate it so much, I have every toher game but 5 now! omg!!!!!! I swear to god, I will kill my brother.
by Michelle Betch November 11, 2009
When a girl really need's to fuck. When a girl is in heat. Sexually active bitch
Girl says: Man, I really need to get my freak on I got a hott Pussy
Guy says: Well, I have a bed you know?
Girl says: Well, got a condom?
Guy says: No
Girl says: Oh well, if I get pregnant slide the hannger up my leg.
by Michelle Betch November 10, 2009
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