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Winning in two or more areas of your life, at any given time. Or simply winning here and winning there.

Coined by Charlie Sheen in his recent interview. The interviewer asked him if he was bipolar and he replied: "I'm not bipolar, I'm bi-winning."

I just got a promotion and got laid in the same day! I'm really bi-winning right now.
by MichaelToTheJ March 10, 2011
Short for 'suspect', and usually used when doing something against the rules or illegal. If you get sussed, you are suspected and subsequently caught/arrested.
1. I can't go home drunk, my mam will suss.

2. I was selling some E's to my mate, in school, but I got sussed by Mr. Blackwood.

3. Teacher: "Give me that cell phone, you shouldn't be using it in class!"

Guy 1: Dammit!!!

Guy 2: (to guy 1) Sussed!
by MichaelToTheJ March 21, 2007
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