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really good burgers. made fresh everyday and nothing ever frozen. associates are harder working and friendlier than most fast food places. when eating at in n out, you can expect to be served in a timely, courteous manner.
If you want a burger, forget about McDonald's, go to In N Out.
by Michael in LA January 22, 2006
ipods are devices used to listen to music. they are small, lightweight, easy to use, and very convenient. but, like all things, it has drawbacks. indeed, they are pricey, they do get scratched easily, and don't live up to the advertised battery life. But if you love music like i do and have an extremely large CD collection, they are the one of the most convenient electronic devices ever. The 30gb model(i own one) even plays music videos and movies. You can buy an fm adapter so you can listen wherever you drive, too. You can schedule events and set alarms to remind you of things. You can watch Sin City or that really hot Shakira video, all with one small gadget. The main drawback, however, is that they are now the "flavor of the week", so people who are NOT seeking to be cool/trendy, are mistakenly put in that group when they are seen with white earbuds.
I mean, come on... when you think about it, ipods kick ass.
by Michael in LA January 22, 2006
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